Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U Preview


Super Smash Bros 4 Release Date has been tentatively set for Summer 2014 on the 3DS and Winter 2014 for the Wii U


Ridley? Palutena?

No Ridley? Footage was shown of a very Ridley-looking shadow flying over a new stage. Sakurai, the head Director of Smash Bros. is known for messing with people, so what this means could be anyone’s guess! New character, or relegated to stage background?

Palutena (from Kid Icarus: Uprising) was also teased. In a “Trophy Quiz” held during the Direct, a Palutena trophy was shown from behind, only to be turned around revealing “False Palutena.” This has led many to believe she will be a character due to proposed “leaks” that spread across the internet months past.

Rumored leak
Rumored leak


For Fun — For Glory

The above phrases being the name of two new modes. Anyone who played Brawl probably knows that the Online mode wasn’t up to snuff. Between the insane lag (which Sakurai even brought up, telling people to give a thought to using Wired internet for more stability!), the difficulty in even finding a match, and then how people would join your battle but not play — instead turning to “Taunt Parties” — it was almost like Online wasn’t even a thing.

Well, these two modes look to amend the last two issues on that list. The Wii U’s better internet should help the first one.

For Fun mode is a mode where all items are on, the stage is random (with an exclusion of Final Destination), and only Wins are recorded. You have nothing to lose here. Though don’t Taunt Party or sit there all round – systems have been put into place to prevent things like this which my hamper the experience of others!

For Glory mode is where you want to go for Competitive matches. Between Final Destination being the only stage allowed, all items off, and 1v1’s being possible, everything is set in place to allow the more serious players a better environment to play. Oh, and that whole Final Destination only thing? Well, only kind of. Because every stage in the same now has a “’Final Destination Form” which turns the stage into question into nothing more than a flat battlefield. This allows for a change in music, and background while still holding a viable stage to fight evenly on!

Both of these modes have a Skill Matchmaking, but it is behind the scenes. So you should only be pitted against players close to your skill level.

Also shared with both modes is Global Smash Power. This is the game’s Leaderboard, so to speak. Instead of having a flat board where someone’s #1 and below them is #2, etc., everyone instead has a Smash Power. This is a value that says how many players you are above. Instead of being #1 in a group of 100, you have a Smash Power of 99, showing that you are above 99 other players. Personally, I find this to be a cool system.


New Items!

I haven’t kept up with all of the pictures Sakurai posts daily, so some of these may have been seen in picture form already. However this is the first time we’ve seen any of them in action.

POW Block (Mario)

It appears that the Pow Block acts as a damaging spring in an area-of-effect, if that makes sense. You throw it, and wherever it hits on the ground, any enemies near will be hurled upwards.

Beetle (Zelda Skyward Sword)

You throw it forwards, and it will latch onto the first enemy it comes across, before flying them upwards. It appeared to carry them pretty high up!


“How can we put Fire Bars into this game”


“That. Is genius.”

Is the only way I can assume things went down before this item was put in. It’s literally a sword. Made out of Mario’s Fire Bars. It starts out long with a few fireballs, and loses fireballs (and thus length) per hit.

Back Shield (Kid Icarus Uprising)

It follows your back and shields any projectiles that may have hit you from behind.

Bombchu (Zelda)

Those Mouse bombs from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Remember those? Well they’re in Smash Bros. now. You throw them, and they will travel forward, even along walls, until they expire or hit someone, resulting in an explosion.

Fairy Bottle (Zelda)

A new healing item akin to the Heart Container and Maxim Tomato, it seems.

Ore Club (Kid Icarus Uprising)

A slower, more powerful Beam Sword that can throw tornadoes if you charge it up enough.

X Bomb (Kid Icarus Uprising)

A bomb that sends out an ‘X’ (or +) shaped explosion when it blows.

Hocotate Bomb (Pikmin 2)

Olimar’s Rocket Ship from Pikmin 2 flies into the sky before crashing back onto earth. Seems a lot like the Warp Star.

Rocket Belt (Pilotwings)

A jetpack you can pick up to allow for better air mobility. So. Much. Yes.

Steel Diver (Steel Diver)

Take the Ray Gun. Now give it a slower, more powerful missile instead of green shots. You have the Steel Diver.


Assist Trophies

Skull Kid (Zelda Majora’s Mask)

The Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask appears and turns the screen dark, before flipping the entire stage in an upside-down chaos. Just speculating here, but I’m thinking he may be able to turn the world into more angles than just upside-down, as a later Pokeball Pokemon later shown does basically just that.

Mother Brain (Metroid)

Metroid’s Mother Brain charges up her beam to unleash on any unlucky enemy near her eye. Unsure of how long she lasts or how many beams may be fired. Perhaps she’ll fire off her circle shots found in Metroid games as well?

Midna (Zelda Twilight Princess)

Zelda Twilight Princess’s Midna uses her hand… hair to grab and toss enemies. It also appeared that she could teleport. Not sure on if that’s the only thing she can do or if there’s more to it.

Ashley (Warioware)

Warioware’s evil little witch girl appears and summons a puff of smoke. This shrunk down the enemy caught in the cloud. Perhaps other things may happen as well?

Dark Samus (Metroid Prime)

Dark Samus will appear to pummel your enemies. She can fire off a rapid stream of phazon shots, or summon dark energies from below your foes. What other tricks does she have up her sleeve?

Chain Chomp (Mario)

The Mario series’ very own Chain Chomp! Once summoned, the Chomp will be anchored down wherever you stood. Any enemies who dare get near will be targeted and leaped at.

Isabelle (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

Another Animal Crossing rep in Smash! Isabelle will throw healing fruit at whoever summoned her, keeping them in tip-top shape!

Elec Man (Megaman)

Megaman isn’t the only… uh, man… here! Once summoned, Elec Man will fight against any enemies in his way. He appeared to have many electric attacks matching those of the attacks in his proper game.

Color TV-Game 15 (Uh… Pong?)


It’s Pong.

The ball being bounced back and forth will hurt and knockback anyone whom it touches.



New Pokeball Pokemon

Along with the Pokeball, this time the Mater Ball also makes an appearance as an item. This is guaranteed to give you an exceedingly rare Pokemon. It is unknown if rare Pokemon still appear in normal Pokeballs or not.


The legendary Arceus spoken of in stories from generations ago sends out pulse waves, meteor smashing any enemy touched. It was not said if it actually damages foes or not.


Remember the Starfy Assist Trophy in Brawl? It’s looking like that’s what Eevee is. This is most likely a replacement/reskin more than a full-blown new Pokemon.


It’s not Smash Bros. without a Fire-type Pokemon from the latest Pokemon games! Fennekin will spit out small fireballs that go upwards ala Ness’ PK Fire in Brawl upon impact. It is unknown if it always goes upwards, or if that is only if a target is hit.


The singing Pokemon Meloetta sends out two purple music notes that ricochet off of walls, damaging enemies it comes into contact with.


YOU CAN RIDE IT. It was not shown if Gogoat itself has any moves, but dude you can ride it. It’s like everyone has Wario’s Bike from Brawl now!


Palkia’s back from Brawl! But this time he’s not stuck on one stage. Nope, now the gravity-defying menace can haunt you anywhere. Also shown was him flipping the stage upside-down. It was also shown using the Spacial Rend attack, which acts like a vertical slash.


Kyurem fires out cold gusts of wind to his sides, freezing any enemies caught in the blow. It wasn’t shown if we’re looking at an area-of-effect here like Suicune in Melee, or long-range blasts.


Victini flies upwards and makes a star. Uh… Not sure what it really does. Going to guess it deals damage, but there’s no way to know for sure. Maybe it fires the star? Crashes it down? Spins it around, and moves around?


Keldeo uses it’s trademark attack, Sacred Sword, flinging anyone a good distance in front of it flying. Presumably damaging them quite a bit as well!


The mascot legendary from Pokemon X uses it’s signature move Geomancy, causing the floor around him to glow. Does the glow damage, or is it just charging up to attack?



No more form changes! Characters are one character only — the one you chose! This means that Samus doesn’t turn into Zero Suit Samus,  Zelda can’t become Sheik, and the returning Charizard isn’t a part of two other Pokemon. Rest assured, the other forms of these characters return! Zelda’s former transform attack not summons a Phatom from Zelda: Phantom Horglass  that lunges forward. Sheik received grenades (and a new acrobatic move) to make up for the loss. Zero Suit Samus, while not exactly losing anything in this change, also received rocket boots to make up for her previously weak power.

As for new character’s and their movesets:

Rosalina and Luma

  • Luma can be separated and attack independently, much like the Ice Climbers
  • Side Special is Star Bits, a projectile attack which originates from the Luma
  • Up Special is Launch Star, an attack which sends Rosalina upwards in a spinning motion
  • Down Special is Gravitational Pull, which is a gravity-bending aura that pulls in items, as well as disrupt projectiles
  • Final Smash is Power Star, which summons one Grand Star that fires off hundreds of smaller, damaging stars

Little Mac

  • Power on ground is extremely high
  • Can “shrug off” attacks, preventing his own attacks from being cancelled
  • In air his power is very weak, and his recovery ability is terrible
  • Has a K.O. Meter that builds up when he attacks or gets hit, once full gives a one-try OHKO move
  • Neutral Attack is a Straight Lunge
  • Side Special is Jolt Haymaker, which is a jumping lunge attack
  • Up Special is Rising Uppercut
  • Down Special is Slip Counter, a counter attack with a fancy name
  • Final Smash is Giga Mac, a monstrous beast of a Mac
  • Wireframe Mac is an alternate costume available to him that gives me the same look found in the Arcade Punch Out! title


  • Neutral Special is Pocket, which allows you to grab oncoming projectiles and pocket them for later use
  • Side Special is Lloid Rocket, which spawns a Gyroid you can fly on towards the enemies
  • Up Special is Balloon Trip, which — fittingly — gives you the ability to fly a bit, just like on Balloon Fighter
  • Down Special is Timber, a three-part attack which consists of planting a seed, watering it into a tree, before cutting it down causing massive damage and knockback to anyone it hits
  • Final Smash is Dream Home, which summons Nook and his Nooklings to build a house on your enemy

Mega Man

I am unsure what exactly makes a “strong” attack, but it is what was given in the Direct

  • Strong Down Attack is Sliding across the ground
  • Strong Up Attack is Mega Upper, a powerful uppercut
  • Dash Attack is a Top Spin
  • Front Air Attack is Flame Sword, which swings a burning sword in front of him
  • Back Air Attack is Slash Claw, a powerful swipe with claws made of metal
  • Up Air Attack is Air Shooter, which sends a strong gust of wind upwards, sending anyone above hurling into the air
  • Down Air Attack is Hard Knuckle, which fires a metallic fist downwards, Meteor Smashing anyone it comes in contact with
  • Side Special Attack is Crash Bomber, which shoots a sticky explosive forward that latches onto the first enemy it hits
  • Down Special Attack is Leaf Shield, which summons leaves that spin around you to be used as a shield, or to be hurled
  • Up Special Attack is Rush Coil, which summons your trusty sidekick, Rush, to be used as a spring
  • Grab is Super Arm, giving Mega Man super strength to hold anyone above his head
  • Neutral Smash Attack is Metal Blade, which hurls a blade across the stage
  • Side Smash is Charge Shot
  • Up Smash is Spark Shock, an electrifying attack fired above his head
  • Down Smash is Flame Blast, which sends powerful pillars of flame upwards from both sides
  • Final Smash brings all the different versions of Mega Man together to fire a giant beam

Wii Fit Trainers

  • Notice the ‘S’ there? Male Wii Fit Trainer is an alternate costume
  • Down Special is Deep Breathing, which causes the next attack to be more powerful
  • Side Smash is Sun Salutation, which fires a projectile forward
  • Up Smash Attack is Hula Hoop, which spins the Trainer spinning upwards along with Hula Hoops


  • Now has Hammer Flip, which is much like King Dedede’s Charge Hammer from Brawl
  • New Final Smash is Ultra Sword, a giant sword swung forward


  • Only throws Gordos now, no more more Waddle Dees


  • Stronger Aura attacks
  • Aura Charge system now powers up every thing Lucario does, including his Recovery move, causing difficult to control recovery moves
  • Can Mega Evolve, if this is his Final Smash was not said


  • Can only have three Pikmin at once now
  • Pikmin are plucked in fixed order, Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Purple
  • Recovery Move is Winged Pikmin, which summons Winged Pikmin to fly you to safety


  • No more Gliding Mechanic
  • Has been given more power than before
  • Power of Flight, his Recovery Move, has been changed into a directional dash attack instead of just giving you the ability to fly
  • Final Smash is now Three Sacred Treasures, which gives Pit a super-powerful suit to fight with for a short amount of time


  • Now stands upright, changing how he moves


  • Can now Roll


  • Now has a jumping lunge attack


  • Has a new jump


  • Along with being separate from Pokemon Trainer, Mega Charizard X also makes an appearance. Final Smash, perhaps?

So maybe that’s not enough for you. Maybe you just need more. Look no further than Custom Move Sets! Not many details were given other than the fact that you can change how characters moves behave. Kirby Hammer attack the freezes people? Why not. Mario shooting giant Fireballs? Sure! Donkey Kong unable to be phased while he charges his punch? Sure!

Smash Run is a new 3DS exclusive mode that was shown, which is a LOT like City Trial Mode from Kirby’s Air Ride. Up to four players explore an dungeon full of randomized enemies (some of which were shown to include Bulborbs from Pikmin, Kremlings from Donkey Kong Country, and Stalfos from Zelda, among others) for five minutes. When defeated, these enemies will drop power-ups (consisting of extra speed, higher jumps, more powerful attacks, more powerful Smash Attacks, more powerful items, or more defense) you can pick up. During these five minutes, special events may occur, such as everyone becoming faster, or a barrage of homing bullet bills appearing out of nowhere! At the end of the five minutes, the power-ups will be tallied, and you will be thrown into an event to compete against the other players you were competing against. You can even choose certain items to take along before starting!

Welp. That’s it. Well, kind of. Not really.

Greninja is a new playable character!


Its attacks weren’t shown in detail, but what I could see, he has the ability to use Water Swords, throw Water Shurikens, and pop a substitute, causing a Poke Doll to appear in his place before he sneaks behind the enemy for an attack. He’s very agile, and stays low to the ground while running.

And that’s it! For real this time. Jeez that took longer than expected. And my hands hurt from the two hours of typing. Whoops.

Who else is excited for Smash Bros. for Wii, and Smash Bros. for 3DS?!