Splatoon Blaster Tips to Blow Away the Competition!

Splatoon Blaster

Why Use the Blaster?

  The Splatoon Blaster; one of the lesser used weapons in online lobbies. Between their low fire rate, short range, and less-than-stellar ability to cover turf, it’s easy to see why many players choose other weapons. But I’m going show you why you should give the Blaster a fair shot by making it’s advantages clear. I will also tell you its disadvantages, so you can take the knowledge to battle and use it turn the tides on any pesky enemies utilizing this explosive weapon.

 First, a quick rundown of pros and cons before diving into the finer details:


  • One-shot kills(!)
  • A fun, different playstyle
  • A large damage/ink radius


  • Short range
  • Slow to shoot, slower to strafe
  • Can’t (safely) move into enemy territory alone

Looking at the list you may think that the odds are stacked, and that the cons are worse than the pros. But I can assure you, this isn’t the case! Allow me to expound on the list:

One-shot kills: For many, this is reason enough to try the Blaster.  When fired directly at an enemy in an optimal range, you are met with a unique sound, and a one-shot kill. This means that with two exceptions in the Rapid Blaster, and Rapid Blaster Deco, the Blaster can boast being one of the only two weapon classes in Splatoon that is able to kill in only one shot.

A fun, different playstyle:  In a game full of rapid-fire weapons and long-ranged sniper rifles, the Splatoon Blaster stands alone in its slow-paced shot style. The ink trail left by a Blaster is unlike any other weapon’s — rather than shooting multiple small drops to cover turf, the Blaster shoots one powerful shot in a straight line, covering everything it glides over before bursting into a circular ink patch. This line starts from your character’s feet and actually goes a relatively good distance. The first bit is important to keep in mind, as standing in enemy ink doles out damage. Being able to simply shoot in any direction and clear your feet in the process is immensely useful.

Blaster Radius
Trailing behind the true shot, a line of ink.

A large damage/ink radius: I put this last on the list for a purpose, and a good reason. The Blaster’s natural burst radius is what sets it apart from every other weapon. Why is this special, and how is it great? One main reason: safe, sneaky kills. There are many nooks and crannies in Splatoon, and they typically offer cover in the form of walls. By making use of the large explosion radius, you can kill enemies fully behind walls. This is why the Blaster’s playstyle is so different. No longer is hiding behind a wall or crate a safe choice for your enemy, as you can shoot just around the corner and take them out with ease.

Short range: Along with great power comes great responsibility. Responsibility to recognize you have to get close to use your weapon. This can be a daunting con to work around, but with time and experience you can (mostly) overcome it through superior positioning. Keep your own limits in mind and support your teammates to make sure they can cover up your disadvantage.

Slow to shoot, slower to strafe: The Splatoon Blaster has such strong shots because they’re slow. This can be overlooked with enough awareness and knowing how to pick your fights. What is more difficult to overlook is the speed at which Blasters strafe. When firing a Blaster, your speed drops to a crawl — even if you have Run Speed Up Equipment. This furthers the need to pick your fights properly and know when you would be outgunned.

Can’t (safely) move into enemy territory alone: An extension of the range and strafing dilemma. Because you can’t fire too far ahead, you also can’t cover much ground to progress in. This means relying on your teammates to really lay down cover. This point is not to say that you can never move forward, but know that if a fight breaks you won’t have as much mobility as your foe.

Splatoon Blaster Walk
Big weapons call for slow strafing!

With all of these points in mind,
here are some Blaster Tips to take your Splatoon Blaster game to the next level!

  1.   Always shoot around corners before progressing! If you hear the damage sound, shoot again and you just turned a safety check into a kill:   a great boon for your team!
  2.   Don’t fire at walls unless you are covering them to climb. Shooting a wall/object (other than an enemy player) prevents your Blaster’s         shots from exploding.
  3.   A continuation of 2, figure out the optimal range of your Blaster so that you can cover entire walls just by positioning your explosion             to go off before actually hitting the wall.
  4.   Always be moving. More than any other weapon, the Splatoon Blaster requires you to keep your opponent on their toes so that you can position your slower shots.
  5.   Hide in corners of heavily trafficked areas to surprise your enemies with a well-placed instant demise.
  6.   Lastly, don’t be afraid of short retreats, and pick your fights wisely! You have less range than nearly every other gun — backing up or going around a safe corner gives you the perfect position to turn a situation into your favor.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and blast yourself to victory, Inkling!

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