That’s right, after two years of waiting for information on the elusive new Nintendo system, today the silence was broken! Welcome the Nintendo Switch. I have written up the key points of interest, but if you’d like to see the official trailer for yourself you can do so by clicking the logo below (Link will open to the official Nintendo reveal video in new tab):

New Things Shown:

Of interest right off the bat is, of course, the console. We are introduced to this new home console by watching a man play the new Zelda: Breath of the Wild on his television set with controller in-hand. His dog seems antsy to go outside, so the man obliges and walks to the “console” across the room where he picks up what is much like a miniature Wii U Gamepad that was resting in a dock. We are shown in this that the console can be played on the go, separate from the “dock”!

The next few clips tell us that the cartridge rumors were true: The Nintendo “NX” (Switch) will use game cartridges, not discs.

We get a good look at the detachable controllers only seconds afterwards when the system is pulled into three pieces: screen, controller half, and controller half; the screen propped up with a pop-out stand on the back of the device. The two controllers can be held separately, not needing to be joined together to be used! Think the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in how you held one in each hand, but without the wires (or motion control, presumably!)

The game being played is now Skyrim, presumably the new, updated version releasing this month.

Back home, we see a very clear shot of the new controller. Not the detachable one that is attached directly to the console, but a standard controller ala the Xbox 360 Pad, or Dualshock controller, or even Nintendo’s own “Wii U Pro Controller”. In the same clip, we see the console placed back into the home “dock”, just before Skyrim moves from the handheld straight to the big screen. The clips seem to imply a seamless transition between the handheld and home console functions of this hybrid!

Enter a new clip, where two people are playing Nintendo Switch in a van. The screen is propped up where the two of them can see it, and we can see the two removable controllers BOTH being used for a multiplayer home console experience on-the-go. The game being played is Mario Kart 8 – presumably the rumored port (which has new content, as shown by King Boo being used!).

We are now shown a (in my opinion) VERY neat feature of the Nintendo Switch: wireless connections between two (maybe more!) of the console, as four players play around two screens, with one half of the controller each.

The next clip shows us a woman playing a New Mario title, with vivid colors, and a seemingly more open world than 2013’s Super Mario 3D World. We are also shown that the full “handheld” portion of the Nintendo Switch can be used as a controller even in TV mode if you would rather use it over the classic gamepad style of controller.

And finally, the last clip shows quite possibly what I am MOST excited about: Nintendo Switch is not getting the rumored Splatoon port, but a NEW Splatoon game! Oozing more style than ever before, we are shown quick clips of new starting animations, new maps, and DIFFERENT HAIRSTYLES, GUYS! 



I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, as we don’t know what is to be launched with the system just yet, but I must say that I am very excited for the Nintendo Switch. I greatly look forward to following the Nintendo Switch in the time up to its (once again re-affirmed) official release of March 2017.